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Net Spy Pro is the latest in employee network monitoring software. This program allows you to monitor and control all user activity on your network in real time from your own workstation. This program makes it easy to see what users are doing and whether or not they are wasting time. Are your employees wasting time online or leaking sensitive data? Do your students visit inappropriate websites? Quickly view detailed user activity logs or view multiple user screens in real time! Zoom in on problem users and filter activity. You can even watch keystrokes as they are typed LIVE!

Here's an overview of Net Spy Pro's features. Click a section for more information.

Logging Features

  • LIVE Screenshots
  • LIVE Keystrokes
  • Websites Visited
  • Full Chat Transcripts
  • Applications Executed

Admin Features

  • System Lockdown
  • Manage Settings
  • File System Navigation
  • Launch Web Sites
  • View / Kill Processes

Other Features

  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Content Filtering
  • Chat Messenger Blocking
  • Alerts Settings
  • Full Remote Control

Employee Investigation and Surveillance

The Network Monitoring section has two different type of features. The first type is that of Live Monitoring. Certain functions can be performed live to instantly "check-up" on a user. The second type of monitoring is Logged Monitoring which captures specific activity and stores it for later viewing.

Live Monitoring - Net Spy Pro allows you to check-in one, some or all users at once. This shows you whether they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. You can also watch keystrokes as they happen! These features allow you to effectively watch all users' actions in real time.

See below for a complete list of Net Spy Pro live monitoring functions

View Real Time Screens, Events and Keystrokes!

Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual screenshot of one, some or all workstations instantly! You can even watch keystrokes and events as they happen! This is used for live surveillance to see if your network users are working or playing.

View Browser Favorites

Net Spy Pro can show the administrator a list of the favorites on a user's Internet Explorer Browser. This shows the full list of favorites and includes any categories that the user may have created.

View Temporary Histories

Net Spy Pro will show you a list of all files in the temporary history (cache) of the Internet Explorer browser. This allows the administrator to check up on employee's activity from before they purchased NSP.

View Open Ports

Net Spy Pro allows an administrator to view all open ports on a workstation. This is useful for making sure that there are no outbound Internet connections from a PC other than authorized connections.

View Active Processes, Services and System Info

Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a full list of processes and services running on the remote machine. A full list is shown along with the ability to kill any process. Real time general system information can also be viewed.

View Recent Documents

Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a list of recent documents opened by a user. This and other functions can be performed instantly at any time. Shows all types of files such as Excel, Word, Notepad, etc.

Logged Monitoring - After installing Net Spy Pro onto a network, it immediately begins to record all activity on client PCs. Activity such as emails, web sites, chat conversations and much more is captured including screenshots. Net Spy Pro secretly records the activity for later viewing by the administrator.

When you need to view the activity of a client PC, just login to your all-in-one hidden control panel. This control panel allows you to view all of the activity logs recorded for any PC by date and time. Logs can be exported for storage and are standard JPG images and text files. Logs can easily be printed from within the interface.

See below for a complete list of Net Spy Pro logged monitoring functions:

Web Sites Visited

Net Spy Pro creates a list of web sites visited in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other popular browsers. Each URL visited will be logged, along with the username, timestamp and the title of the page visited. URLs can be launched from within the viewer.

Chat / IM Conversations

Net Spy Pro records entire chat conversations in popular instant messaging software including Yahoo! Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, MSN Messenger, Paltalk, AIM and more. Records an actual text file of the entire chat conversation as it took place.

Keystrokes Typed

Net Spy Pro records all keystrokes typed by all users when they are logged in. This includes usernames, passwords and more. Also useful for recovering what a user has typed inside applications and for backup purposes in case of lost data.

Applications Executed

Net Spy Pro creates a list of applications that a user has executed and categorizes the results by date for easy navigation. Each application will be logged along with username, date and time executed, and the title of the application ran.

Documents Recording

Net Spy Pro will display a separate list of documents opened by the user. This feature is XP/NT/Vista compatible and stores the FULL PATH of each document executed along with the username and a timestamp. Compatible with MS-Office files, text files and more.

Emails Typed or Viewed

Net Spy Pro will record screenshots of all emails viewed or sent. Compatible with all email clients and web-based email services such as Yahoo! or Hotmail. Screenshots are recorded at any interval you set and gives you an actual picture of the email.

Windows Opened

Net Spy Pro creates a list of windows that were opened on the monitored computer. This feature stores the title of the window along with the username and timestamp. Also includes the ability to display records from a specific date all at once.

Screenshots Capturing

Net Spy Pro captures full-size screenshots of the entire screen at any interval you set. That's right, you will have a picture of the entire screen however often you choose. This captures a picture of absolutely ANY activity displayed on the screen.

Requirements For Computers Being Monitored:

Any edition of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000.

Requirements For Viewing Logs:
Any computer, mobile phone or tablet device with a web browser.

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